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Queens, New York
Digital Print on Metallic Paper
40” x 30”

Nobody loves New York City more than I do! NOBODY! As a child, my family and I would drive in from the suburbs of New Jersey to visit a museum or to see relatives on Sundays. This was the New York City of the late 60s and 70s. And from that point on, I knew I would move here. I began Parsons School of Design in 1981 and never looked back! I still love this city with all of my heart and soul. I thrive off of its energy, people, places (every nook and cranny). This city has it all and so much more, more, more! This is not a place for the WEAK. Not at all. In order to live here, you need to want to be in the red hot center. You, also, need to be ok with being very, very small BUT very, very observant. These images are my visual diary of my beloved city-a constant source of beauty and inspiration.