Melissa Eder
Revolution Is BeautifulCan You Dig It? A Chromatic Series of Floral Arrangements"Sense of Herself"Revolution: An Unconscious (Deeper)Sugar-Free Lemonade (A Summer Series)Bushes and BallsSunshine DaydreamPublic ArtStill LifesA Keen ObserverLuv Bunnies"New Jersey (And Other Places that Could Be Mistaken for New Jersey)"It's the same old question. Is your biology your destiny?"Fave Foods"Biography

"Hey, hey, mama said the way you move....gonna make you sweat....gonna make you groove....." (from Black Dog by Led Zeppelin, 1971)

"Melissa Eder understands color."
Art F City, Monday Links: Spring Forward, by Paul Legault, March 9, 2015