• Dropping My First NFT @Superchief Gallery with the Every Woman Biennial!!

    June 24-July 3 Every Woman Biennial MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE NFT exhibition presented at Superchief Gallery NFT on a series of large screens in the gallery and on the NFT platform.

    Gallery Space: Superchief Gallery NFT, 56 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003, 12-6pm everyday

  • Yes! Every Woman Biennial in London!

    My work, Still Life with Plastic Hangers, at Every Woman Biennial, Copley Gallery, London, UK June 12th- July 9th!!!

  • My Work in Rome, Italy!

    WINDOWS INTO THE VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY, Loosen Art, Roma, Italy, 5 - 15 February 2021