Melissa Eder
A Keen ObserverA Keen Observer (The Radio's Playing)A Keen Observer (For the Sake of New Jersey)A Keen Observer (Crystal Vision)A Keen Observer (The Law of the Land)A Keen Observer (Cloud)A Keen Observer (Parallel Lines)A Keen Observer (Mines)
A Keen Observer
"A Keen Observer" is a series of works on paper in gouache and vine charcoal. I started to create this drawing series about 10 years ago. Through the process of drawing with vine charcoal and erasing with a kneaded eraser, I've found that I've created a personal iconography (i.e. tears, floating lips, and hearts). This iconography somehow taps into a deeply personal subtext that explores experiences related to life, loss, joy, sorrow, hope and illusion. This process has become an invaluable way for me to connect my past experiences with present day interests and concerns.