Melissa Eder
"Still Life with Plate of Fried Eggs"Still Life (Roll Away the Dew)Still Life with Pink Ground"Happy (Commissioned by JAM Editions)Roses"Still Life with Rotten Fruit""Pink Cupcake, 2010"Still Life (Metallica)"Still Life with Plastic Hot Dog""Still Life with Suitcase and Silver Slippers""Still Life with Black Phone and Diary of Anne Frank""Still Life with Rainbow Wig and Plastic Chicken Leg""Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman""Still Life with Pink Fuzzy Dice and Fried Chicken""Homage to Mom and Dad"Watermelon"Still Life with Jump Rope and Diet Coke""Still Life with Meat, Mirror and Fake Teeth""Still Life with Pink Crown (Soured Princess)"Still Life with Pink Plastic Hangers (You make everything GROOVY.)Still Life (Everythang!)Silver SlippersPink Skull
Still Lifes
I utilize the traditional genre of still life to create large-scale (30"x40") photos. But these works have a twist. The objects used are atypical. Instead of the conventional apples and oranges, I may use junk food, plastic fruit and items obtained from 99 cents stores. Each object is considered for its aesthetic and personal cultural reference. (i.e. One may note that a plate of fried eggs may, on some level, relate to fertility or perhaps a ceramic figurine of a teddy bear holding a heart may connote ideas of romantic love..)