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Sense of Herself (Install Image, Broadway Windows Gallery, New York University)
Photo Installation (Over 750 Different C-Prints)
8” x 10” each

I am a mixed media artist exploring notions of popular culture, female identity and kitsch. "Sense of Herself" is an ongoing photo-based project that I started in 1995. It is an installation that consists of over 750 8”x10” images ranging from a photograph of a pink cupcake, a can of Tab, a package of ground meat and a pink plastic toy bat. These objects were gathered from 99 cents stores, malls, fast food shops, bodegas and thrift shops. All objects, however mundane each may seem, convey a certain beauty as well as a personal and pop cultural relevance to me. In a broader sense, these carefully considered objects reflect the complexities of meaning and cultural value in our society. Still, on a personal level (through the process of collecting and recording), this project continues to define and redefine who I am while exploring who I was and the shape of my life to come.